Tuesday, August 22, 2006

what browser do people in microsoft use?

Follow the link below and see the screen shots of their instructions about installing the their validation plug-in:
Windows Genuine Advantage plug-in installation

It is not internet explorer.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Trash in the geocities guest book

It's flattering that people appreciate your amateur free geocities presonal web site. But the feeling becomes annoyance once you find out that they're just those who abuse dynamic content to advertise their profound ring tones. Sadly yahoo doesn't seem to have plans to fix that as they suggest using third party guestbook services like bravenet. Go to hell spam generators!!!

Stupid Microsoft Windows Update

Ever experienced losing your work since window$ update restarted your pc while you are running your 1 million iteration root finding program, or while you were away for a coffee break, expecting that your machine will keep on running?

Well, it's annoying!

some solutions:
disable the automatic update service:

tweak the restart properties:

or just totally get rid of windoze (btw, your command line gcc programs usually run faster in linux on the same machine).