Thursday, August 30, 2007

Three months of hell

  • Teach

  • Study

  • Research

Choose 2 (at a time)

As far as I am concerned I am not being payed for teaching. Not yet. So, it is but human to choose the other two. Well, it can't be helped. That's how government employment works. You get hungry for the first three months. Reminds me of DOST scholarship. The difference is, I am now teaching. I am not just responsible for my self, but also for my students. I had expected these three months of hell from the start. What I hate about it, are the demons. Well payed colleagues who demand that you work as hard as them. Those who pile more papers to check at your desk as compared to others. Those who give you the teaching materials less than an hour before you deliver them to class. Those who use the computers at the faculty room for research purposes. Those who indifferently use your office materials, pretending it's free. Those who assume you have the book that contains the non intuitive numbers they refer to. Those who assume you could spend as much as they do. Those who hag the faculty room computer like no one else will use it. Those who expect to be treated when you get your first salary as if you were treated by them when it was their time.

I shall remember your indifferent deeds. I will not do them to the next generation.