Saturday, December 23, 2006

2006 was the year...

* I learned FDTD (finite difference time domain)
* Most of my parallel implemented (MPI and FFTW based) Gerchberg-Saxton algorithm (PIGSA) was accomplished after the construction of the CSRC high performance cluster near the end of 2005.
* My hair had grown to its longest length so far since my last trip to the barber in October 2005 (around SPP time)
* I had two SPP publications
* Consequently, I had an incomplete less prioritized RGEP subject
* I had to ride an airplane for the first time for the sake of SPP

A large piece of flying metal with some heads of unidentified people in the foregound

* DOST had not given it's UPD scholars' stipends on time (As usual. Hopefully they will give it early in 2007)
* Scholar (or more appropriately "iskolar") was apparently defined as a student activist that don't necessarily study at all
* Lantern Parade was canceled consequently
* A friend recruited me to projectw
* ebookz had flourished on the web (making .djvu become as widespread as .pdf), along with one-click file hosting and many other freebies ending in "z" (mp3z, moviez, warez, etc...)
* I had seen the first Terminator movie for the first time (in mpeg-1 format vcd compliant)(atleast for the first time I'm aware of it). This movie is as old as me (approximately). The burning TV scene in Kyle's future will probably pollute my mind for many months to come.

3d-tv with audio, visual and even thermal transducers, a future possibility
point mouse to picture

* My friendster account magically disappeared some time in January (although its profile link and last photo might still be seen) you don't.

* I used up 140 pages of my IPL log book (more than half of my total usage since page 1, Aug 22, 2004)
* I had to turn off my high-tech alarm clock (it comes with a blue flash light, 64kb of external storage capcity, some games, and even has SMS capabilities) more often not just to save battery life, but also because it is underutilized.
* Some sons of a bitch and a bitch (literally and sometimes figuratively) were introduced into my residential ecosystem, thus displacing me from my local study area with the stench of their waste matter.

* The year's greatest scientific disocvery was made during March 31 at the new NIP building around 7 pm. ATCHONINGUS ASTIGANUS SAPIENS SUPERIOR, a highly evolved astig was discovered by members of the Instrumentation Physics Laboratory. Experts have not agreed yet on the scientific name's notation, although it is likely that the default italicized or underlined writing won't be used (For now it is written in blinking bold all-caps as a reminder that it should be written uniquely. Maybe biology books have to be reinvented to render blinking fonts).

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Open source replacements

This site saves you the trouble of searching the top free alternatives yourself (and if you think there are still better alternatives, it allows you to help others by suggesting them).

Osalt: open source as alternative

Although other sites (freshmeat, sourceforge) may be helpful, osalt is organized to show what open source software may replace what commercial software.

Read more from this Popular Science article

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Vitamin beer crap

"The whole may not be greater than the sum of the parts"

I was annoyed one day while watching a TV program featuring Filipino inventions/inventors.

Although some of his inventions may deserve respect, the concept of vitamin beer is totally . (I'm giving you the privilege of filling in the descriptive words).

Third Prize (P20,000)
Patent No. : 1-2002-02291
Title : Beer Fortified with Multivitamins (Vitamin Beer)
Inventors : ********
Address : ********
Tel. No. : ********
Abstract : A beer fortified with multivitamins to give it supplemental nutritional value. The multivitamins are stirred in after the primary fermentation stage when alcohol has been formed resulting in a robustly pale-yellowish appetizing pale pilsen bouquet, malty and hoppy brew supportive and supplemental in nutritional states.

Reference Links: Vitamin beer crap, Vitamin beer crap (PDF)

Mix and match child's play should not be considered as inventions unless the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. There's nothing new about vitamins and there's nothing new about beer either. And there's nothing special about combining them. You get the same thing if they were taken separately, plus the bonus of being at a reasonable price (you get what you payed for). It's just like combining the thirst quenching property of plain boring water and the sweetness of sugar's taste, and voila-eureka!, you invented sugar water! It wasn't even mentioned whether they have done a chemical anlysis of the action of alcohol on vitamins it can dissolve.

In lay terms, an invention is a novel device, material, or technique [1]. It is an innovation that is both novel and non-obvious[2]. At best this might be called an innovation that is painfully obvious.

A simple google search would even reveal that it is not an original concept in the first place. There had already been Stampede Beer as early as February 2006. The CY 2006 NATIONAL INVENTION CONTEST was held during November 2006.

It is clear that this is something done to promote alcohol drinking, a large cause of crime and accidents, also health problems (that it claims to solve), a cause of temporary decrease in alertness and intelligence, a direct cause of so called beer bellies, a direct cause of loss of money due to addiction. Unless the mixing of such vitamins cancels these bad effects, it has done no improvement either. Not all alcohol drinkers are responsible enough. But yet we have a government agency encouraging this people. But who is to blame, most of our government officials are tomadors (alcoholics) themselves (take for example the expelled Joseph Estrada or his henchmen). It is disappointing that a good amount of cash was awarded to this.

He's lucky to live at Sucat, Parañaque, making it easier for him to submit such things to DOST.

The Filipino attitude of "palakasan" (the favoring of someone because of his/her past reputation or relationship to the one who is giving a favor and not necessarily because he/she is actually favorable at present) can also be seen here. Had he not had previous 'inventions' and a reputation to keep, and a familiarity to the DOST officials, vitamin beer would surely be a flop.



Monday, December 11, 2006

Whatever happened to that old man with a silly costume

Contrary to the rumors that he was shot in the belief that he was a burglar ("akyat bahay"), or hypothermia had frozen him in his hometown (GPS: 90° latitude N), there could be another explanation why children will no longer be receiving gifts from Santa Claus.
Given the testimony of the five year old eye witness who would be called by the name of Jackson, police investigations lead toward homicide.

The testimony: (warning, the following lines may contain adult content.)

"Wow! mommy's kissing santa claus!
I saw mommy kissing santa claus
Underneath the mistletoe last night
Then I saw mommy tickle santa claus
Underneath his beard so snowy white
If daddy had only seen

It seems that daddy had seen, and it was not a 'laugh it would have been'. As for the mommy, police reports are too violent to be written in this blog.

Sorry kids, I'm not a Santa Claus (or Christmas) fan either. It seems that you won't be getting imported Chinese mass produced self destructing brittle plastic toys this year, and for the years to come. I could only advise you to grow up and face the reality of the world's amazing crime rate.

Anyway, for those who are expecting it, since you have gone this far with this libelous article, allow me to greet you in the most artificial commercialized manner I could achieve:

Merry Christmas!

--Thanatos reporting

Friday, December 08, 2006

Vuelo de la noche (dos)


I could not type another line
I can't resist it anymore
I can not work until I'm fine
I need to go to the drug store

Analgesics on the shelf
In different brands and prizes
Makes me ask this to my self
"Is health care for the masses?"

Punching on her number pad
Numeric codes my tablets had
Faking a smile though she is sad
How would I know, I'm not a god

Reaching through my bulky pocket
Filled with pens and stuff
Whatever's left of my slim wallet
I hope it is enough

I hope it is enough to say
That tomorrow would be better
And if my headache still would stay
At least I should have seen her

Just like the day
She was wearing gray
Going her way
What words to say?

It plays with your brain
Like wet drops of rain
Like the rattling chain
It's not just caffeine

I'm sleepy
My eyes are heavy
I guess they sold me
Decaffeinated coffee...

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*Thanks to esca of clantemplates for the rollover workaround.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Machine error demonstration

Either there is a problem with printf, atof, division or with floating point numbers:

#include <cstdio>
#include <cstdlib>
using namespace std;

int main(int argc, char **argv){
float f1 = atof(argv[1]);
float f2 = atof(argv[2]);
printf("%f/%f = %f\n", f1, f2, f1/f2);
return 0;

After compiling and running the given code, I get these strange results:

$ ./div 234 67.9
234.000000/67.900002 = 3.446244
$ ./div 234 67.2
234.000000/67.199997 = 3.482143

The code was compiled with g++ (GCC) 4.1.1 20060724 (prerelease) (4.1.1-3mdk). No optimizations were used:

$ g++ div.cpp -o div

Speaking of division, this article about division by zero might be interesting.

The unbelievable reply

"wla akong lod."
I don't have load.

Surprisingly the message got sent, so I immediately sent a follow up.

"Meron pla. Uuwi ako mmya."
Apparently there is. I'm coming home later.

...Perdonarme, madre.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bugging Clamwin update

For several days the clamwin antivirus applet on the system tray had been bugging me about it's new scanning engine version 0.88.6 (also, at about this time, I had already been recieving nags about the new AVG free 7.5). Unfortunately when I download it using clamwin itself (or atleast clicked the Ok button, assuming that's what it does...), it doesn't install and thus will remind you again about the new version the next time around. Although I could have searched the file or monitored/sniffed/snooped the download process (or just did anything else to stop the nags), I was just too busy to do so. Eventually I just downloaded it using a web browser and istalled it manually.

It might be annoying, but not as annoying as the people who create virus, spyware and spam.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Mark this cellphone number as spam: 639183287002

It is a truth that stupid people still do exist. They think they could fool others by making them transfer cellphone credits to their balance. 27, November 2006, 12:37:01, when I got this stupid message from a stupid sender:

Congrats!!! You
win a 500 load
SMART, just type
(space)15 and
send to 808,
claim your load
now, thank

Unfortunately for the sender, not everyone is as stupid as him. When I have enough balance, I usually have a one word reply:


Another number of another stupid person is 639283937266

You can't say that they are doing this because of poverty. How would they have the money to send their first pranks in the first place (unless they are supported by other stupid people), assuming they initially have no victims.

I guess they're just simply, plainly, appropriately deserving to be called GAGO.

How I always wished that cellphone service providers have something like spam protection.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Vuelo de la Noche (uno)


My skull seems too small for my brain
I'd shake my head to ease this pain
If I could only sniff cocaine...
Yeah right, just give me strong caffeine

Fonts are blurring on the screen
Eyelids struggling to stay up
Heavy doses of aspirin
A headache that doesn't seem to stop

As if I didn't sleep at all
Yet I remember waking up
And that strange dream I do recall...
I guess I need another nap

Bloody feathers on my bed
Stained my blanket bloody red
People living now are dead
All of them inside my head

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

A compilation

From Quantum dots to Final Fantasy XIII

Reading a layman's article of Quantum dots in Wikipedia to help with my Materials Science Engineering subject led me to blue lasers. Because such a laser has a smaller wavelength (~405nm) it is utilized on high density optical data storage such as HD-DVDs or blue ray discs (smaller diffraction limit). This data storage is also being used for PS 3 games, although,being a recent development, there are relatively fewer games that exploit it right now. One of these games is FFXIII.

Art Pad

Having been bored with making my seminar slides about the optical experiment demonstrating the uncertainty principle, I tried out Art Pad after seeing the cool guy behind me painting landscape scenes with it. Lacking the features (cheats) of most graphics applications (even M$ paint is better) such as copy cut paste, erase, filter effects, makes it challenging to use. It is almost like actually painting and could be a good tool for practicing (painting without the mess). It also features unlimited undo and a replay which will animate how your painting was done from scratch.

Can anyone guess what is the wall paper used in the 'work' station next to mine?
Unfortunately the link emailed to me that is supposedly pointing to my work doesn't work (Just used print screen before it is lost).

Feynman Books

Just testing the capability of my Google powered ebook search engine. I had been curious with QED sometime, and here is what I found (from Rodichkina Anastasia):
Feynman e-Bookz
It also contains the following
* Feynman Physics Lectures Complete
* Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! Adventures of a Curious Character. Richard P. Feynman.pdf
* Feynman Lectures on Computation. R.P.Feynman - 1996 - by Addison-Wesley Publishing.djvu
* Mathematical Formulation of the Quantum Theory of Electromagnetic Interaction. Richard P. Feynman - Phys. Rev. 80, 440 (1950).djvu
* Space-Time Approach to Quantum Electrodynamics. R. P. Feynman - Phys.Rev. 76(6), 769-789, 1949.djvu
* The Theory of a General Quantum System Interacting with a Linear Dissipative System. R. P. Feynman, F. L. Vernon, Jr. - Annals of Physics 281, 547-607 (2000).djvu

Speaking of Quantum Electrodynamics, UP's hard copy of Feynman's book is strangely located at the School of Economics, instead of the College of Science.

A case of firsts

Apparently my first Wikipedia article is also the first somewhere else... (yeah)

Gerchberg Saxton
Gerchberg Saxton Algorithm

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

James Bond gets religious

The 007 Club


After all those near death experiences wherin he felt closer to his maker, ever wondered what the finale sequel would be?

A more mature James finally turns back from his detective life and settles down for that little piece of Heaven everyone is longing after. Voluntarily terminating his licence to kill, he vowed to help people in non violent ways in order to somehow atone for the lives he had taken, thinking he could buy his way to Heaven. He lived his life according to the epistle that bears his name.

And he eventually starts a daily TV show...

The 007 Club

External Links

* The 700 Club
* 007
* Pat Robertson,
   Licensed to kill

It had been a long while

The last time consuming drawings I have made date back to about a year ago. And it seems that my skills are deteriorating (just like the paper on which I draw).

. What's wrong with this picture?

* The canvas used was small making finer details (such as facial features) less resolved.
* Since only shades of grey were used it is harder to create contrast between features that would otherwise have different colors but are similar in intensities. It becomes more difficult when your model only exists mentally, you have to figure out for yourself how light will behave (FDTD?). The best case scenario is when you have a grey scaled model (2d or 3d?) and a set of pens/pencils that can represent the grey spectrum (rgb(0,0,0) to rgb(255, 255, 255))...
* Black charcoal pencils are harder to erase and smodge, resulting in dark strong strokes that may not (or may) be desirable.
* The use of a smooth relatively shinier eraser made unwanted smodges. Better use the more porous, rough, matted ones. And it would be much better to use clay/gum-like deformable artists' erasers.
* Many more to be realized...

It had also been a long while since my last overnight in the lab and since I left friendzter.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Para el amor de Rusos y de Alemanes

For the love of Russians and Germans

Even if they have character sets unreadable (but very familiar) to me, it is enough that I add ".djvu" (the dot before the extension makes the search more meaningful) on my Google search (in addition to the book title and author of course) to search for ebookz which are mostly found on Russian (.ru sites) forums.
And I thank the Germans for hosting the pdf and djvu files.


Ebook Search

Note: Replace "book keywords". Other useful keywords may include .pdf .rar .zip or MB. You simply need to observe what sites have in common aside from the obvious topic. You may also narrow down to Russian sites. Adding inurl:".ru/" may also help, by being more biased to Russian sites.

Just another test

Testing Google docs .

Saturday, November 18, 2006


If you wanna hang out youve got to take her out; caffeine.
If you wanna get down, down on the ground; caffeine.
She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie; caffeine.

If you got bad news, you wanna kick them blues; caffeine.
When your day is done and you wanna run; caffeine.
She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie; caffeine.

If your thing is gone and you wanna ride on; caffeine.
Don't forget this fact, you can't get it back; caffeine.
She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie; caffeine.

(Guitar solo)

She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie; caffeine.

From J. J. Cale's & Eric Clapton's Cocaine

See also:
Molecular Mechanism of Cocaine High Revealed: December 06, 2006

Friday, November 17, 2006


a case of inconsistent prefixes:

kilometer = 1000 meters
centimeter = 1/100 meters
cent = 1/100 dollars
centavo = 1/100 pesos
century = 100 years
centipede = arthropod with ~100 feet
millimeter = 1/1000 meters
milligram = 1/1000 grams
millenium = 1000 years
millipede = arthropod with ~1000 feet
Therefore I conclude that prefixes are reciprocal invariant!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My first OOP lines

After more than 2 years of C/C++ debugging, I finally needed object oriented programming too. Eventually the lines below will end up as a FDTD program to be run in CSRC. Syntax colors were rendered with SciTE. Remnants of old style programming could still be seen here by the way. I strongly believe that I would be laughing when I read these lines some day. Hopefully sooner.

#ifndef __FDTD_3D_HPP

#define __FDTD_3D_HPP
#include using namespace std;

/*********Vector Plane with vector components X Y Z************/
int ASIZE; //array size
//data holders
float *Y;
void set_size(int);

//allocate memory
void V3Plane::set_size(int isize){
ASIZE = isize;
isize = isize*sizeof(float);
X = (float *)malloc(isize);
Y = (float *)malloc(isize);
Z = (float *)malloc(isize);

//release memory


/******************core part of 3d FDTD******************/
void m3dfdtd(V3Plane z1, V3Plane z2, V3Plane z3){
/*Nothing yet...*/

#endif //__FDTD_3D_HPP

Monday, November 13, 2006

Mandriva 2007 Upgrade

Unfortunately there were technical problems with Konqueror, and others causing the image to be uploaded three times.

Thanks to Calis, the PC's OS had been upgraded from Mandriva 2006 to 2007. Upgrade was almost smooth (previously installed programs and documents were preserved, even document and URL histories, application settings and cache etc are intact) except for some minor problems.
* The kicker menu had a new scheme and the old shortcuts to some programs disappeared (OpenOffice, Quanta and others (they were not remouved though))
* Even installing the new 2.04 fails to modify some KDE menu styles that is why I have to use the messy one that shows them.
* Unofficial customizations were reverted (quite expected)(those requiring images used by Mandriva to be replaced)
* Others remaining to be revealed

Thursday, November 09, 2006

MRT Sardines

Overcrowded south bound train

Overcrowded north bound train

8th of November 2006. It only takes one problematic MRT unit to delay all the others. The failure is well indicated by the accumulation of annoyed passengers. I had to go down earlier to Araneta Cubao terminal (not my original destination (where the photographs were taken)) to survive from suffocation.


I went inside the petshop and saw the blue crab with assymetric set of legs (one side has all legs longer, and as a whole the leg spans the diagonal of the aquarium's base). The next aquarium caught my attention. Red eared turtles are selled for 120 Php each and 180 Php a pair. That would mean a saving of 60 Php, 50% the price of one.
But when I went out of the shop, the surroundings have changed. The variety store selling cheap stuff and from which I bougth bread to eat was gone. That was the time I knew that I was just dreaming.
I don't recall the details of the events that happened next except that I was in some province and currently located near the sea. The next thing I knew was that Adrian was walking with me, asking where I was going as we were walking up a dirt path in an elevated land form with cottages in the periphery. I answered, that i am just dreaming and asked him to pinch me. And so he pinched me in my right palm. The psychological pain (I always conciously tell my self "pain is in the brain") eventually made the surroundings fade out and my bedroom fade in.
Eight O' clock in the moring, November 9. Vivid dreams indicate that I haven't been debugging for quite a long while.

Apparently my mind is more gullible while asleep. The crab was ridiculus and impossible. The other aquarium have nothing for the swimming turtles to rest such as wood or sand mounds extending above the water level. In addition to this there is an obvious lack of spatial and temporal coherence.

Reading in dreams
In a Batman the animated series episode featuring Scarecrow,Dreams of Darkness, Batman mentioned that you can't read in dreams, helping him distinguish reality from nightmare. Apparently I can. However, I get the strange feeling that I am the one creating the words in the page as I read.

Playing with time
My default ritual when waking up is looking at my wristwatch to check the time. Sometimes my brain fools me by simulating that ritual. So I thought I woke up, but actually I didn't. It could even replay several times, before I really wake up. Interestingly my watch time is also in 24 hour format in my head, thus I thought I was late when I read 13:00.
Time also seems to be slower when I sleep. I experience this when I'm just dozens of meters away from the Balara jeep terminal where I have to go down. Given the speed of the jeep and the distance traveled during the short naps (or just looking at the watch when woken up), I know that the time spent napping is short, but the events in my dreams seem longer,(like with Constantine in his second suicide attempt). Maybe this is the brain's way of making us beleive that we had enough rest. I hope I could exploit the mental time dilation some day just like what they do train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber at Dragon Ball Z.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Lines that get you stabbed

Conversations at the advanced lab are getting more useless by the day:

(Anyone): Nakita mo si _____?
Have you seen _____?
Andrew: Nakita, pero not in person.
Yes, but not in person. (not literal translation)
Dael: Sa jpg lang. (pronounced jay peg)
Yes, in jpg format. (not literal translation)

Jacq: Si Sr Vince, dumaan?
Did Sr Vince pass by?
Dael: Dumaan, pero hindi dito.
Yes, but not here. (not literal translation)

Dael: Umuulan ba?
Is it raining?
Andrew: Siguro. Sa ibang bansa.
Maybe. In another country.

Astig: Bakit ayaw magprint? (Looking on his tormented workstation)
Why doesn't it print?
Andrew: Hindi yan printer.
That's not a priner.

Loren to Dael: Peram ng charger.
Can I borrow your (mobile phone) charger.
Dael to Loren: Di na ko gumagamit ng charger.
I no longer use a charger.
Loren to Astig: Peram ng charger.
Can I borrow your (mobile phone) charger.
Astig to Loren: Wala akong dalang charger.
I don't have my charger with me.
Loren to Andrew: Peram ng charger.
Can I borrow your (mobile phone) charger.
Andrew to Loren: Di ako nagpapahiram.
I don´ t lend.

Calis: 'lang 'ya ka.
Shameless you.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Red White and Black

The new colors of my seldom updated web page

Finally had some time to update it during the sem break. Unfortunately for internet explorer users (I used ie7 by the way), file names only differing by the .htm & .html extensions seems to load problematically. (Why does it always have to be me who discovers bugs!!!). Works Fine with Firefox. Blends well with the Dark Blood theme/skin of Firefox.

Ruins in UP

Malleable Tambayan

More than a month since the "Bagyong Milenyo" had passed at the end of September. The tree that smashed the roof had already been removed, but the deformed "tambayan" near Vinzon's Hall still exists, possibly for aesthetic reasons.

Wall of Jericho at Balara

The rear of Vinzon's is now more visble to motorists along Balara. Don't know yet what caused the wall to collapse. Too much traffic noise, maybe...

Ant Attack

Power hungry ants

Weaver ants
Scientific name: Oecophylla smaragdina
Local name: Hantik

It seems that the "ant-current" is also proportional to the thickness of the wire. I had also observed single line ant queues on clothe's lines.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Laboratory anatomy

You might think that I'm alone most of the time but I have atleast thirty companions shown and listed below:


1 Intel Pentium IV Dual CPU 3.00GHz, 0.99GB Ram
2 Dual boot PC currently on Mandriva Linux 2006 attempting to mimic windoze. Also boots a licensed M$ Windowz XP.
3 Headset with underutilized mic. Often used for listening to mp3z with Amarok while programming with vim.
4 Brainy books. Just like brains, less than 10 percent of them is used. Probsets, notes and trash could also be seen underneath.
5 Cushioned chair on wheels. Useful when your too lazy to walk.
6 Backpack. Not often utilized but useful for getting student discounts on jeepneys.
7 Guitar. we do not research acoustics, but it could be useful sometimes when your too bored.
8 Wall. Somewhere to bang your head or break your knuckles.
9 Sharp scissors. For committing attempted homicides on very friendly colleagues.
10 Dim light. Hope when others desire to live in darkness.
11 A less powerful Pentium IV 3.21GHz, 1GB Ram
12 Windowz XP experiencing a blue screen of death
13 This is a bad number.
14 Chair of the geek
15 Well ventilated footwear. The black slippers is mine. I think Dael owns the sandals.
16 Mess as indicated by the wandering sheet of paper
17 Optical stuff. Used for verifying numerical hypotheses.
18 A set of screw drivers. One is not returned yet, maybe used to stab a very friendly colleague.
19 Allen wrenches aka hex screw drivers. For assembling optical setups.
20 Twistable wire for strangling very friendly colleagues.
21 Fuse boxes for electrocuting very friendly colleagues.
22 A 1.5M PhP gadget, aka SLM.
23 TV. Might be useful on boring nights.
24 Bubble wrap. Popping it sometimes relieves the boredom of some colleagues (not recommended when there's staff around).
25 A small black heavy metal table.
26 Black curtains for hiding messy optical setups.
27 An SC edition of Parallel programming in C with MPI and OpenMP by Quinn. Sometimes regarded as a bible with answers to your debugging challenges.
28 Someone's SPP 2006 poster. May end up as a fly swatter or sleeping mat.
29 Often taken for granted floor that supports the things above it.
30 WET stickers, protects computers from paranormal beings.

Inspired from a place called home which is just one room away.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


A remnant of spp davao 2006.

Saltwater Crocdile: Crocodylus porosus

"Pulis" is the Filipino word for police. But the term "buwaya" (Filipino for crocodile) is often used as a connotation, due to abusive practices by some policemen, specially those in charge with transportation.

Unfortunately pulis also happened to be the name of a dog breed.

The picture was taken from the Crocodile Park of Davao

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cross Products in Wolf et al

While reading the article of Richards and Wolf (at the London Royal Society) and Born and Wolf's Principles of Optics I noticed something...

Since the publications by Wolf and friends (Richards, Born) are quite old (reflection and connection are even spelled reflexion and connexion) some notations might be confusing. One such notation is the cross product operator:

A x B = C

Wolf et al:
A ^ B = C

Note the ^ symbol used in their texts actually extends down thus looking like an A without the "-" or like this /\ . You would also notice that superscripts are used to denote exponents.

I verified this by looking at the expression for Maxwell's equations (where curl is spelled out) and the Poynting Vector.

Martin Goodman?

According to sources, Goodman is the founder of Marvel comics in 1939. But there is little information about his birthdate in 1910. Six years later, Oct 9, 1916, Mars Ravelo was born. Subtracting 1916 from the release date of Marvel Comics #1 (Oct. 1939), it could be seen that Ravelo is 23 by then. That could be a reasonable age to start a comic book considering that there were no strict formal beaurucratic requiements to be a comic book creator during those times (and even now). It should also be noted that by those times, the Philippines is still under American territory. Travel would have been done through military ships. Ignoring the quality of the materials and media used, it could also be seen that there are similarities in the artwork of the comic books. Thus there is a good possibility about the 'Ravelan' origin of Marvel comics.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

the secret behind Marvel Comics

You may have not known yet (it is supposed to be a secret).

Mar ravel
Mars Ravelo !!!

So before you laugh at GMA's captain barbel or Darna think twice. Poverty and lack of government support often drives geniuses to export their better work.

too bored

I remember the days when I do my homework in a 80386 and don't have any idea of what the internet is.
Those were the days.
Too many things have changed in less than a decade. Right now I'm writing these boring none-homework related ideas in a web-based blog, entering ascii characters on a Logitech keyboard wired on a black box with a pentium 3 GHz dual core processor(s).
Staring at a KDE desktop of an opensource operating system wherein loads of downloadz infiltrate the magnetic storage.
But the array of micro magnets had been there from the start. It is just the arrangement of the strings of 1s and 0s that gives meaning to them and thus they become files. That particular arrangement that dominates the traffic of information. Eventually matter need not be transported from place to place when all things could be represented in base 2 or higher. Paper and ink becomes obsolete with pdf's and djvu's, jpg's and png's. Books become extinct with ebookz. From tapes to CDs to mp3'z. Is it wrong to shuffle a deck of cards? Is it a crime to have your hard drive's magnetic bits rearranged? Even magnetic data is replaced with optical and flashy ones thus making floppies useless except for spreading viruses from public internet cafe's.
For the past few months there were only a few things in which i believed in. Aside from the default stuff, there was just FFT and FDTD and caffeine. Maybe I'm just having too much of the good stuff -- caffeine...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

what browser do people in microsoft use?

Follow the link below and see the screen shots of their instructions about installing the their validation plug-in:
Windows Genuine Advantage plug-in installation

It is not internet explorer.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Trash in the geocities guest book

It's flattering that people appreciate your amateur free geocities presonal web site. But the feeling becomes annoyance once you find out that they're just those who abuse dynamic content to advertise their profound ring tones. Sadly yahoo doesn't seem to have plans to fix that as they suggest using third party guestbook services like bravenet. Go to hell spam generators!!!

Stupid Microsoft Windows Update

Ever experienced losing your work since window$ update restarted your pc while you are running your 1 million iteration root finding program, or while you were away for a coffee break, expecting that your machine will keep on running?

Well, it's annoying!

some solutions:
disable the automatic update service:

tweak the restart properties:

or just totally get rid of windoze (btw, your command line gcc programs usually run faster in linux on the same machine).

Friday, June 30, 2006

Saturday, June 24, 2006

mi amigo, la punta de prueba

But he doesn't really have friends.

Friday, June 02, 2006

el algoritmo de la vida

Mi primera contribución del wikipedia.

Life goes on.

Cambio de las cosas.
Cambio de la gente.
Las cosas fallecen.
La gente fallece.
Con todo la vida se enciende.
Hasta la iteración siguiente.