Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cross Products in Wolf et al

While reading the article of Richards and Wolf (at the London Royal Society) and Born and Wolf's Principles of Optics I noticed something...

Since the publications by Wolf and friends (Richards, Born) are quite old (reflection and connection are even spelled reflexion and connexion) some notations might be confusing. One such notation is the cross product operator:

A x B = C

Wolf et al:
A ^ B = C

Note the ^ symbol used in their texts actually extends down thus looking like an A without the "-" or like this /\ . You would also notice that superscripts are used to denote exponents.

I verified this by looking at the expression for Maxwell's equations (where curl is spelled out) and the Poynting Vector.

Martin Goodman?

According to sources, Goodman is the founder of Marvel comics in 1939. But there is little information about his birthdate in 1910. Six years later, Oct 9, 1916, Mars Ravelo was born. Subtracting 1916 from the release date of Marvel Comics #1 (Oct. 1939), it could be seen that Ravelo is 23 by then. That could be a reasonable age to start a comic book considering that there were no strict formal beaurucratic requiements to be a comic book creator during those times (and even now). It should also be noted that by those times, the Philippines is still under American territory. Travel would have been done through military ships. Ignoring the quality of the materials and media used, it could also be seen that there are similarities in the artwork of the comic books. Thus there is a good possibility about the 'Ravelan' origin of Marvel comics.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

the secret behind Marvel Comics

You may have not known yet (it is supposed to be a secret).

Mar ravel
Mars Ravelo !!!

So before you laugh at GMA's captain barbel or Darna think twice. Poverty and lack of government support often drives geniuses to export their better work.

too bored

I remember the days when I do my homework in a 80386 and don't have any idea of what the internet is.
Those were the days.
Too many things have changed in less than a decade. Right now I'm writing these boring none-homework related ideas in a web-based blog, entering ascii characters on a Logitech keyboard wired on a black box with a pentium 3 GHz dual core processor(s).
Staring at a KDE desktop of an opensource operating system wherein loads of downloadz infiltrate the magnetic storage.
But the array of micro magnets had been there from the start. It is just the arrangement of the strings of 1s and 0s that gives meaning to them and thus they become files. That particular arrangement that dominates the traffic of information. Eventually matter need not be transported from place to place when all things could be represented in base 2 or higher. Paper and ink becomes obsolete with pdf's and djvu's, jpg's and png's. Books become extinct with ebookz. From tapes to CDs to mp3'z. Is it wrong to shuffle a deck of cards? Is it a crime to have your hard drive's magnetic bits rearranged? Even magnetic data is replaced with optical and flashy ones thus making floppies useless except for spreading viruses from public internet cafe's.
For the past few months there were only a few things in which i believed in. Aside from the default stuff, there was just FFT and FDTD and caffeine. Maybe I'm just having too much of the good stuff -- caffeine...