Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Figure 1. FDTD data plotted with Gnuplot

I realized how nice my data can look with Gnuplot (even when it's wrong). For instructions on how to visualize programming data using gnuplot, this article might be of help.

Pathetic recreations
After trying out all the keyboard letters (lower case only), I eventually verified (on my Linux "work" station) that the letter q has the least number of linux recognized commands that start with (loose sentence structure). I scanned a QWERTY keyboard, pressing "Tab" after each letter, and looked at the suggested commands starting with that letter.

[pathetic_user@work_station]$ q
qb-help qm2ts qrttoppm qtcups
qiv qmake qtconfig quanta
[pathetic_user@work_station]$ q

As it can be seen, there are only 8 commands starting with q. Some of them (if not all), like quanta, the html editor, are not even basic commands. Some of them are commands I never knew exist. There might be more if I used the root account.

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