Monday, June 11, 2007

On extended weekends

I remember a strip in MAD comics saying that Japanese students are ahead of American students because they don't have to spend extra time for praying in class. (btw, I think routine prayers are hypocrisy, and are nothing more than memory exercises). The bottom line is, time spent on study or work contributes to progress. And here I am, in a country whose government extends weekends when there (is a) are holiday(s) for the week. As if the 2 day weekend had not been enough rest and boredom. So you'll have to wait till Tuesday to continue a project or till Monday to continue Thursday's unfinished tasks. Moving holidays also imply that the exact day of the event is no longer important, making them easier to forget. Sometimes, even not so popular annual events are suddenly promoted to non working holidays, making you wonder why the library is suddenly closed.

American students may be loosing minutes. Filipinos waste days.

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