Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Money and coffee packs

Unfortunately I don't smoke. So I couldn't use the name of one Eric Clapton's albums. I wonder what would have happened if my means of existence turned out different. If there's a song that perfectly describes everything I do. If all my blog entries were titles of something from pop culture. Maybe I'll hate it. I hate main stream music.

Anyway, right now [22/04/2008 9:19 GMT+8:00], the bread (breakfast) I was eating a while ago, such that I was typing the first two sentences of this blog entry with my left hand only, was already eaten. What woke me up today was the sound of my nokia 1110i that has just finished its one fourth meter free fall trajectory (in addition to the sound of Benchus Maximus's footstep's upstairs as he bypasses the door of this historical room, 3115). Good thing the phone was originally gray, so I use fake black housings.

And thus so far, what had been sustaining me these past few days are money, caffeine, Steve Vai's vituosity, and more caffeine. Sadly, some of my allies had died out already (ran out of cash). The reason I don't die yet is I long to see my programs get compiled, my data to be correct, my plots to be beautiful, the bright yellow glowing butterflies... I hope someday, I'll finally find rest, and as I look at history, leaving me light years behind, I hope I could say:

They're all perfect

...exactly the same last English words of a Japanese warrior leaving this world. I know I'm running out of life, since I'm running out of black shirts.

Time for another mug of coffee.

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