Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Tweeter

She's not a member of the lab.
She hasn't undergone the difficult process of being a member.
She doesn't clearly know the rules obeyed by members.
Not being a member, she doesn't deserve anyone's time or attention... just the minimum kindness any stranger gets.
And yet she is usually much noisier than the rest of us.
Like suddenly we had a noisy mother. An annoying noisy mother of some spoiled child.
She even gives errands to other lab members who are not members of the subgroup that hired her. Even to the god (first time I heard a god said "why me?").
She is a disturbance to those who are trying to do research. To those who need silence and concentration.
Her squeal is a pain to our ears. Usually her squeals are of a non research nature.
She must be disciplined.
She must be aware of the code of silence that MEMBERS of this lab practice. She must respect that.
She must be sent away otherwise.


teci said...


if you have an issue with a person, i hope you directly tell that person. :) Kasi everyone (potentially in the world) now knows except maybe the person herself and actually the only person who needs to know.

Thanatos said...

i wish i could do that.
there were times that i was so annoyed that i almost shouted at her or i almost sent an email adressed to her and/or the whole lab.
but it would be difficult to go against strong forces.
the lab is really getting "strange" these days...

teci said...

hi again :)

i didn't get to include in my first comment, that i do agree with you by the way (regarding the observations) :) but i'm not usually in the lab so the situation hasn't reached critical tipping/boiling point for me.

how about an anonymous email from a "concerned lab member"? :)