Saturday, December 23, 2006

2006 was the year...

* I learned FDTD (finite difference time domain)
* Most of my parallel implemented (MPI and FFTW based) Gerchberg-Saxton algorithm (PIGSA) was accomplished after the construction of the CSRC high performance cluster near the end of 2005.
* My hair had grown to its longest length so far since my last trip to the barber in October 2005 (around SPP time)
* I had two SPP publications
* Consequently, I had an incomplete less prioritized RGEP subject
* I had to ride an airplane for the first time for the sake of SPP

A large piece of flying metal with some heads of unidentified people in the foregound

* DOST had not given it's UPD scholars' stipends on time (As usual. Hopefully they will give it early in 2007)
* Scholar (or more appropriately "iskolar") was apparently defined as a student activist that don't necessarily study at all
* Lantern Parade was canceled consequently
* A friend recruited me to projectw
* ebookz had flourished on the web (making .djvu become as widespread as .pdf), along with one-click file hosting and many other freebies ending in "z" (mp3z, moviez, warez, etc...)
* I had seen the first Terminator movie for the first time (in mpeg-1 format vcd compliant)(atleast for the first time I'm aware of it). This movie is as old as me (approximately). The burning TV scene in Kyle's future will probably pollute my mind for many months to come.

3d-tv with audio, visual and even thermal transducers, a future possibility
point mouse to picture

* My friendster account magically disappeared some time in January (although its profile link and last photo might still be seen) you don't.

* I used up 140 pages of my IPL log book (more than half of my total usage since page 1, Aug 22, 2004)
* I had to turn off my high-tech alarm clock (it comes with a blue flash light, 64kb of external storage capcity, some games, and even has SMS capabilities) more often not just to save battery life, but also because it is underutilized.
* Some sons of a bitch and a bitch (literally and sometimes figuratively) were introduced into my residential ecosystem, thus displacing me from my local study area with the stench of their waste matter.

* The year's greatest scientific disocvery was made during March 31 at the new NIP building around 7 pm. ATCHONINGUS ASTIGANUS SAPIENS SUPERIOR, a highly evolved astig was discovered by members of the Instrumentation Physics Laboratory. Experts have not agreed yet on the scientific name's notation, although it is likely that the default italicized or underlined writing won't be used (For now it is written in blinking bold all-caps as a reminder that it should be written uniquely. Maybe biology books have to be reinvented to render blinking fonts).


Thanatos said...

The coming NIP house cup reminded me that 2006 was also the year "Mutya ng NIP" was canceled for the first time due to the nomination of men who refuse to be mocked in what they would consider a freak show.

Jessica Gonzalez said...

thanks for the info. i reported this in my biology class.

Jessica Gonzales said...

thanks for the info. i reported this in my biology class.

Thanatos said...

ATCHONINGUS? ...You're welcome

Anonymous said...

Ang cute naman nung dog! =P