Saturday, December 16, 2006

Vitamin beer crap

"The whole may not be greater than the sum of the parts"

I was annoyed one day while watching a TV program featuring Filipino inventions/inventors.

Although some of his inventions may deserve respect, the concept of vitamin beer is totally . (I'm giving you the privilege of filling in the descriptive words).

Third Prize (P20,000)
Patent No. : 1-2002-02291
Title : Beer Fortified with Multivitamins (Vitamin Beer)
Inventors : ********
Address : ********
Tel. No. : ********
Abstract : A beer fortified with multivitamins to give it supplemental nutritional value. The multivitamins are stirred in after the primary fermentation stage when alcohol has been formed resulting in a robustly pale-yellowish appetizing pale pilsen bouquet, malty and hoppy brew supportive and supplemental in nutritional states.

Reference Links: Vitamin beer crap, Vitamin beer crap (PDF)

Mix and match child's play should not be considered as inventions unless the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. There's nothing new about vitamins and there's nothing new about beer either. And there's nothing special about combining them. You get the same thing if they were taken separately, plus the bonus of being at a reasonable price (you get what you payed for). It's just like combining the thirst quenching property of plain boring water and the sweetness of sugar's taste, and voila-eureka!, you invented sugar water! It wasn't even mentioned whether they have done a chemical anlysis of the action of alcohol on vitamins it can dissolve.

In lay terms, an invention is a novel device, material, or technique [1]. It is an innovation that is both novel and non-obvious[2]. At best this might be called an innovation that is painfully obvious.

A simple google search would even reveal that it is not an original concept in the first place. There had already been Stampede Beer as early as February 2006. The CY 2006 NATIONAL INVENTION CONTEST was held during November 2006.

It is clear that this is something done to promote alcohol drinking, a large cause of crime and accidents, also health problems (that it claims to solve), a cause of temporary decrease in alertness and intelligence, a direct cause of so called beer bellies, a direct cause of loss of money due to addiction. Unless the mixing of such vitamins cancels these bad effects, it has done no improvement either. Not all alcohol drinkers are responsible enough. But yet we have a government agency encouraging this people. But who is to blame, most of our government officials are tomadors (alcoholics) themselves (take for example the expelled Joseph Estrada or his henchmen). It is disappointing that a good amount of cash was awarded to this.

He's lucky to live at Sucat, Parañaque, making it easier for him to submit such things to DOST.

The Filipino attitude of "palakasan" (the favoring of someone because of his/her past reputation or relationship to the one who is giving a favor and not necessarily because he/she is actually favorable at present) can also be seen here. Had he not had previous 'inventions' and a reputation to keep, and a familiarity to the DOST officials, vitamin beer would surely be a flop.



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mike said...

It is interesting to see how US supreme court takes the issue of "obviousness" of patents seriously.
Court to examine 'obviousness' of patents
c|net News
ZDNet News
The beer vitamin combination is not even PFM (pure f***ing magic). I had also heard of many super stove "inventions/innovations" (more appropriately super expensive stoves, such as this).