Friday, December 08, 2006

Vuelo de la noche (dos)


I could not type another line
I can't resist it anymore
I can not work until I'm fine
I need to go to the drug store

Analgesics on the shelf
In different brands and prizes
Makes me ask this to my self
"Is health care for the masses?"

Punching on her number pad
Numeric codes my tablets had
Faking a smile though she is sad
How would I know, I'm not a god

Reaching through my bulky pocket
Filled with pens and stuff
Whatever's left of my slim wallet
I hope it is enough

I hope it is enough to say
That tomorrow would be better
And if my headache still would stay
At least I should have seen her

Just like the day
She was wearing gray
Going her way
What words to say?

It plays with your brain
Like wet drops of rain
Like the rattling chain
It's not just caffeine

I'm sleepy
My eyes are heavy
I guess they sold me
Decaffeinated coffee...

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*Thanks to esca of clantemplates for the rollover workaround.

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