Thursday, November 09, 2006


I went inside the petshop and saw the blue crab with assymetric set of legs (one side has all legs longer, and as a whole the leg spans the diagonal of the aquarium's base). The next aquarium caught my attention. Red eared turtles are selled for 120 Php each and 180 Php a pair. That would mean a saving of 60 Php, 50% the price of one.
But when I went out of the shop, the surroundings have changed. The variety store selling cheap stuff and from which I bougth bread to eat was gone. That was the time I knew that I was just dreaming.
I don't recall the details of the events that happened next except that I was in some province and currently located near the sea. The next thing I knew was that Adrian was walking with me, asking where I was going as we were walking up a dirt path in an elevated land form with cottages in the periphery. I answered, that i am just dreaming and asked him to pinch me. And so he pinched me in my right palm. The psychological pain (I always conciously tell my self "pain is in the brain") eventually made the surroundings fade out and my bedroom fade in.
Eight O' clock in the moring, November 9. Vivid dreams indicate that I haven't been debugging for quite a long while.

Apparently my mind is more gullible while asleep. The crab was ridiculus and impossible. The other aquarium have nothing for the swimming turtles to rest such as wood or sand mounds extending above the water level. In addition to this there is an obvious lack of spatial and temporal coherence.

Reading in dreams
In a Batman the animated series episode featuring Scarecrow,Dreams of Darkness, Batman mentioned that you can't read in dreams, helping him distinguish reality from nightmare. Apparently I can. However, I get the strange feeling that I am the one creating the words in the page as I read.

Playing with time
My default ritual when waking up is looking at my wristwatch to check the time. Sometimes my brain fools me by simulating that ritual. So I thought I woke up, but actually I didn't. It could even replay several times, before I really wake up. Interestingly my watch time is also in 24 hour format in my head, thus I thought I was late when I read 13:00.
Time also seems to be slower when I sleep. I experience this when I'm just dozens of meters away from the Balara jeep terminal where I have to go down. Given the speed of the jeep and the distance traveled during the short naps (or just looking at the watch when woken up), I know that the time spent napping is short, but the events in my dreams seem longer,(like with Constantine in his second suicide attempt). Maybe this is the brain's way of making us beleive that we had enough rest. I hope I could exploit the mental time dilation some day just like what they do train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber at Dragon Ball Z.

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