Monday, November 27, 2006

Mark this cellphone number as spam: 639183287002

It is a truth that stupid people still do exist. They think they could fool others by making them transfer cellphone credits to their balance. 27, November 2006, 12:37:01, when I got this stupid message from a stupid sender:

Congrats!!! You
win a 500 load
SMART, just type
(space)15 and
send to 808,
claim your load
now, thank

Unfortunately for the sender, not everyone is as stupid as him. When I have enough balance, I usually have a one word reply:


Another number of another stupid person is 639283937266

You can't say that they are doing this because of poverty. How would they have the money to send their first pranks in the first place (unless they are supported by other stupid people), assuming they initially have no victims.

I guess they're just simply, plainly, appropriately deserving to be called GAGO.

How I always wished that cellphone service providers have something like spam protection.

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