Wednesday, November 22, 2006

It had been a long while

The last time consuming drawings I have made date back to about a year ago. And it seems that my skills are deteriorating (just like the paper on which I draw).

. What's wrong with this picture?

* The canvas used was small making finer details (such as facial features) less resolved.
* Since only shades of grey were used it is harder to create contrast between features that would otherwise have different colors but are similar in intensities. It becomes more difficult when your model only exists mentally, you have to figure out for yourself how light will behave (FDTD?). The best case scenario is when you have a grey scaled model (2d or 3d?) and a set of pens/pencils that can represent the grey spectrum (rgb(0,0,0) to rgb(255, 255, 255))...
* Black charcoal pencils are harder to erase and smodge, resulting in dark strong strokes that may not (or may) be desirable.
* The use of a smooth relatively shinier eraser made unwanted smodges. Better use the more porous, rough, matted ones. And it would be much better to use clay/gum-like deformable artists' erasers.
* Many more to be realized...

It had also been a long while since my last overnight in the lab and since I left friendzter.

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