Thursday, November 23, 2006

A compilation

From Quantum dots to Final Fantasy XIII

Reading a layman's article of Quantum dots in Wikipedia to help with my Materials Science Engineering subject led me to blue lasers. Because such a laser has a smaller wavelength (~405nm) it is utilized on high density optical data storage such as HD-DVDs or blue ray discs (smaller diffraction limit). This data storage is also being used for PS 3 games, although,being a recent development, there are relatively fewer games that exploit it right now. One of these games is FFXIII.

Art Pad

Having been bored with making my seminar slides about the optical experiment demonstrating the uncertainty principle, I tried out Art Pad after seeing the cool guy behind me painting landscape scenes with it. Lacking the features (cheats) of most graphics applications (even M$ paint is better) such as copy cut paste, erase, filter effects, makes it challenging to use. It is almost like actually painting and could be a good tool for practicing (painting without the mess). It also features unlimited undo and a replay which will animate how your painting was done from scratch.

Can anyone guess what is the wall paper used in the 'work' station next to mine?
Unfortunately the link emailed to me that is supposedly pointing to my work doesn't work (Just used print screen before it is lost).

Feynman Books

Just testing the capability of my Google powered ebook search engine. I had been curious with QED sometime, and here is what I found (from Rodichkina Anastasia):
Feynman e-Bookz
It also contains the following
* Feynman Physics Lectures Complete
* Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! Adventures of a Curious Character. Richard P. Feynman.pdf
* Feynman Lectures on Computation. R.P.Feynman - 1996 - by Addison-Wesley Publishing.djvu
* Mathematical Formulation of the Quantum Theory of Electromagnetic Interaction. Richard P. Feynman - Phys. Rev. 80, 440 (1950).djvu
* Space-Time Approach to Quantum Electrodynamics. R. P. Feynman - Phys.Rev. 76(6), 769-789, 1949.djvu
* The Theory of a General Quantum System Interacting with a Linear Dissipative System. R. P. Feynman, F. L. Vernon, Jr. - Annals of Physics 281, 547-607 (2000).djvu

Speaking of Quantum Electrodynamics, UP's hard copy of Feynman's book is strangely located at the School of Economics, instead of the College of Science.

A case of firsts

Apparently my first Wikipedia article is also the first somewhere else... (yeah)

Gerchberg Saxton
Gerchberg Saxton Algorithm

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