Saturday, November 04, 2006

Laboratory anatomy

You might think that I'm alone most of the time but I have atleast thirty companions shown and listed below:


1 Intel Pentium IV Dual CPU 3.00GHz, 0.99GB Ram
2 Dual boot PC currently on Mandriva Linux 2006 attempting to mimic windoze. Also boots a licensed M$ Windowz XP.
3 Headset with underutilized mic. Often used for listening to mp3z with Amarok while programming with vim.
4 Brainy books. Just like brains, less than 10 percent of them is used. Probsets, notes and trash could also be seen underneath.
5 Cushioned chair on wheels. Useful when your too lazy to walk.
6 Backpack. Not often utilized but useful for getting student discounts on jeepneys.
7 Guitar. we do not research acoustics, but it could be useful sometimes when your too bored.
8 Wall. Somewhere to bang your head or break your knuckles.
9 Sharp scissors. For committing attempted homicides on very friendly colleagues.
10 Dim light. Hope when others desire to live in darkness.
11 A less powerful Pentium IV 3.21GHz, 1GB Ram
12 Windowz XP experiencing a blue screen of death
13 This is a bad number.
14 Chair of the geek
15 Well ventilated footwear. The black slippers is mine. I think Dael owns the sandals.
16 Mess as indicated by the wandering sheet of paper
17 Optical stuff. Used for verifying numerical hypotheses.
18 A set of screw drivers. One is not returned yet, maybe used to stab a very friendly colleague.
19 Allen wrenches aka hex screw drivers. For assembling optical setups.
20 Twistable wire for strangling very friendly colleagues.
21 Fuse boxes for electrocuting very friendly colleagues.
22 A 1.5M PhP gadget, aka SLM.
23 TV. Might be useful on boring nights.
24 Bubble wrap. Popping it sometimes relieves the boredom of some colleagues (not recommended when there's staff around).
25 A small black heavy metal table.
26 Black curtains for hiding messy optical setups.
27 An SC edition of Parallel programming in C with MPI and OpenMP by Quinn. Sometimes regarded as a bible with answers to your debugging challenges.
28 Someone's SPP 2006 poster. May end up as a fly swatter or sleeping mat.
29 Often taken for granted floor that supports the things above it.
30 WET stickers, protects computers from paranormal beings.

Inspired from a place called home which is just one room away.

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